Scratch Bingo

Scratch Bingo is based on the
ever-popular game of Bingo, which is found throughout the world.

To obtain a winning pattern on any of your bingo cards based on the numbers
found on the Caller’s Card.

To begin play you must purchase a ticket.



1. Numbers on the Caller’s Card can be revealed
by either scratching each cell individually or by left-clicking on the
Scratch All Caller’s Numbers button which reveals all of the Caller’s
Card numbers at one time.
2. For each number revealed, scratch the
corresponding number(s) on your bingo cards (1 through 4). You can also
reveal all of the Caller’s Card numbers and all of the corresponding
Player’s Card numbers by left-clicking the “Scratch All” button. This
option lets you play out the whole game with one click of the mouse.

Look for the following patterns: a vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal
line, the 4 corners, or in a “x” pattern on any of your 4 bingo cards. A
diagonal line runs from opposite corners of a Card through the Free Space.
An “x” is composed of 2 diagonal lines that run from opposite corners,
intersecting through the Free Space.

If the matching numbers on your 4 playing cards form any of these patterns
then you win. The amount won is shown in the Prize Legend under that
particular card. While you can win up to 4 times per game, a maximum of one
prize is awarded per individual players Card (always the higher of the two
prize amounts).

Scratch Bingo gives you the chance to win a top prize of $1000!